Homemade Clay Recipe

Something tells me that you’re looking for a clay recipe, you’ve found more than that, we know how to make the best homemade clay. We offer alot of different clay recipes, from coffee clay and cinnamon apple clay to sand clay and sawdust clay. Some of our recipes are edible, and we even have a recipe that will bring some disco into your life. You can’t beat having all necessary information about how to make clay in one spot!

Don’t have the time or interest to make your own clay? Check out some good products here. But naturally, we recommend making your own homemade clay instead.

There’s no point in wondering how to make clay anymore, we have it all explained. We don’t stop with one clay recipe, we give you alot of them. There’s really no excuse to not knowing how to make clay now that we lay it out for you with some simple clay recipes that anybody can do. Feel free to experiment with your homemade clay, that’s what this is all about! If you feel you have improvements for our clay recipes, from when you’ve been making your own homemade clay, please let us know.

Clay Recipe Image

Making your own homemade clay is fun, cheap and even interesting and exciting (especially for the kids). It’s a great way to make that rainy day go by. Make the homemade clay, use your imagination and create something funny or useful. If you choose the edible clay recipe, you will even have something to go with a cup of coffee later.

If you want even more information about clay, visit Wikipedia. There are plenty to learn about clay and different kind of clays.

You are always welcome to send us your favorite clay recipe. We just can’t get enough clay recipes and we know that there are homemase clay treasures to be found. Please use our Contact Form when submitting a clay recipe.

If you would like to share images of your finished homemade clay products with us, we would really appreciate it. If you want to we can publish them on the site. It’s great to see all you artists out there making fun crations with homemade clay. Thank you for using our clay recipe site.

When it comes to finding a clay recipe, we have the best ones, homemade clay is super fun and very educational for children!

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